What is Operating Lease?

Operating lease by ARCHER SHERIDAN = long-term vehicle lease without the risks associated with the vehicle financing and operation, which allows renewing vehicles on an ongoing basis without needing your own capital. It is a possibility of maintaining a high quality fleet standard, optimising the fleet costs and streamlining the fleet operation. It is always at the lessee's discretion to choose the scope of services to be provided with and thus to be included in regular monthly payments.

The payments for what is known as the full-service operating lease already include virtually any costs associated with the vehicle operation:

  • costs of servicing, including tyre servicing,
  • third party liability and collision damage insurance,
  • motorway fees,
  • road tax, radio fee,
  • 24/7 roadside assistance service with a free courtesy vehicle for 5 days,
  • electronic logbook operation,

and more services according to lessee's preferences.

NOTICE - for finance lease, these items always make up additional costs beyond the lease payment!

How it works, i.e. a description of the possible cooperation:

  1. choosing the composition of the vehicle fleet:
    • make and model
    • engine (displacement, petrol/diesel)
    • equipment specifications
    • vehicle security (none/mechanical/active tracking)
  2. choosing the lease conditions:
    • lease duration
    • distance travelled (km a year)
    • lease conditions (scope of services provided)
    • insurance (excess, supplementary insurance)
  3. preparation of a lease offer for the demanded vehicles and with the demanded services
  4. approval of the lease offer
  5. assessment of the supporting documents submitted (credit management):
    • lease application
    • excerpt from the Commercial Register
    • trade licence/licence deed/other authorisation
    • Taxpayer ID certification (for VAT payers)
    • financial reports for a previous accounting period
    • financial reports for the current accounting period (the last quarter at least)
  6. ordering the vehicle according to specifications in the lease offer and based on the signed "Vehicle Order"
  7. signing the "Lease Agreement" and the "General Terms and Conditions"
  8. delivery of the vehicle and everything necessary for using it (number plate, registration certificate card, HL Service Card, documents of
  9. insurance, green card, fuel cards etc.)
  10. using the vehicle and the services arranged in the Lease Agreement
  11. after the end of lease, returning the vehicle and, where applicable, receiving a new one