Vehicle Lease

How to Choose between Finance Lease and Operating Lease

Operating lease differs from finance lease by assuming the risks connected with financing and operating the leased item. If any of us uses items acquired through finance lease for business, sooner or later a situation occurs when these items need to be upgraded. Then such an entity itself has to take care how long the technological equipment will last, what to do about it when it becomes technologically obsolete, what happens if the entity is successful and the existing technological equipment is no longer appropriate for the entity? Finance lease addresses none of those issues.

Optimum Solution

In its top operating lease variant, what is known as full-service, ARCHER SHERIDAN offers a solution where the company will arrange all services relating to the leased item for you, guarantee all costs associated with operating the item and, at the same time, guarantee the value of the item after a chosen period of time.

  • Operating lease
  • Full-service operating lease
  • Finance lease

The individual fleet management solutions are always adjusted depending on accurate client demands.