Operating Lease Benefits

Operating lease involves numerous BENEFITS, in particular:

  • Comprehensive fleet management: from the acquisition of new vehicles, their operation and servicing, to the sale of used - terminated vehicles
  • Regular reporting on the condition of individual vehicles and operating costs to provide the maximum overview of the efficiency of the whole vehicle fleet
  • renewal of vehicles on an ongoing basis without needing your own capital = reduced amount of capital tie-up in the account balance and facilitated financial planning (the vehicle is owned by the lease company throughout the lease)
  • advantage of wholesale customer discounts on the acquisition of the leased item, which influence the amount of monthly payment
  • the entire monthly lease payment is a cost item, and therefore it is fully tax-deductible
  • usually no need of down payment, which is normally up to 30% of the vehicle's purchase price in finance lease
  • zero risk of a decline in residual value
  • guaranteed fixed monthly costs