With our focus on small as well as large customers and our specialisation in the purchasing, financing, management and maintenance of a large number of vehicles, we are able to achieve significant savings. These savings are reflected in our very competitive rates. Our personal approach and close cooperation with our clients enable us to maintain a very high level of their satisfaction.

Our effort to give a maximum understanding of the possibilities of operating lease services to our clients has made us optimise our offer in a manner normally structured and required by the market, with a different way of carrying out our services so that as much paperwork as possible takes place between the lease company and the service organisation. The customer participates in the service handling process to the minimum extent, only in the necessary coordination of activities. The vehicle servicing can be cited as an example. If a repair is needed, the client only drives the vehicle to the designated location, with all of the paperwork and billing of the services and material taking place without the client's participation. Further texts will clarify how this concept is elaborated in the other services relating to the operation of HERTZ Lease vehicles.