General Information for Drivers

Vehicle Use

The vehicle must be duly maintained and operated in compliance with the enclosed handbook on vehicle maintenance and use, issued by the manufacturer. Only the tyres and rims with sizes specified for the relevant type of vehicle in its registration certificate or in a lease agreement, as appropriate, can be used for the vehicle concerned.

The vehicle may only be maintained and repaired at authorised service centres of the relevant vehicle make, or only at ARCHER SHERIDAN contractual service centres if the arranged service of "Regular Servicing and Maintenance" is being used or the vehicle is being repaired under the "Collision Damage Insurance" arranged by us.

Additional changes, built-in equipment and other modifications of the vehicle may only be made with ARCHER SHERIDAN's written consent. If this provision is not complied with, the lessee shall compensate the lessor for the damage done.

Maintenance and Servicing

If the service of Regular Servicing and Maintenance is arranged in the lease agreement, the lessee is entitled to require and ARCHER SHERIDAN shall ensure that ordinary maintenance is carried out, depending on the maintenance schedule prescribed by the manufacturer, e.g.:

  • regular replacement of oils and fluids (engine, gear and power steering oils, coolant and brake fluid)
  • replacement of filters (fuel, air, oil filters)
  • replacement of belts and chains (timing belts/chains including tension pulleys and accessories, V-belts)
  • toe adjustment
  • lighting adjustment

Spare Parts

The service of Maintenance and Servicing Costs covers, in addition to replacements prescribed by the manufacturer, also parts subject to usual wear and tear, depending on the vehicle age and its distance travelled as well as expected usual lifespans of relevant spare parts, e.g.:

  • replacement of bearings
  • clutch replacements and gearbox repairs (replacement of asynchronous rings etc.)
  • replacement of bulbs and wiring repairs
  • rusted exhaust replacement
  • replacements of windscreen wiper's rubber blades or arms
  • wiper motor
  • fluid replenishments (windscreen washer, coolant, brake fluid)
  • replacement of spark plugs
  • ordinary small repairs (adjustments of door closing, window lowering, steering wheel etc.)
  • battery replacement
  • brake servicing (brake pads, discs)
  • axle servicing and replacement of shock absorbers
  • starter including distributor, alternator
  • handbrake components and others

Costs Not Covered by Ordinary Maintenance

In general, it can be stated that items to be re-invoiced to the client include the vehicle's additional equipment (such as dual-tone horn, additionally mounted fog lamps etc.) as well as spare parts that will fail to reach their expected normal lifespan (e.g. a greater frequency of replacements) and that are expected to have been worn out as a result of overload and are not covered by warranty or post-warranty repairs by the manufacturer or importer, such as:

  • brake discs and pads
  • cylinder head
  • shock absorbers
  • individual axle components
  • damaged body and cabin
  • damaged clutch
  • handbrake components
  • damages arising from negligence
  • damages arising from failure to follow the user manual and manufacturer's instructions and so on, according to General Terms and Conditions

In every case like that, the level of driver's blame must be assessed individually and, on this basis, disputable items must be re-invoiced where applicable.