Company Profile

Our company's registered office is located in Baawer Office House, Prague-Stodůlky.

ARCHER SHERIDAN is part of the global Hertz network (more about Hertz history here), providing individual fleet management services for numerous major companies globally.

Hertz International has granted a ARCHER SHERIDAN licence for the Czech Republic to our company ARCHER SHERIDAN, s.r.o., a subsidiary of Sheridan Motor Group, which also manages ARCHER SHERIDAN franchises in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Sheridan Motor Group started its cooperation with the Hertz brand in Dublin in 1985. In Ireland, this company has been a major provider of vehicle fleet services since its establishment in 1915. Promoting the image of the Hertz name as a world's leading fleet operator and having more than a 20-year successful track record in dealing with local as well as international companies in Ireland, the company proved to be the best candidate and was selected to lead the efforts for expanding the brand into the Czech Republic.

The first step to launch ARCHER SHERIDAN's promising future in the Czech Republic began with opening the operating premises in Prague on 1 September 2004.

Mr Michal Kotrba is the Regional Manager for the Czech Republic (and Slovakia), being responsible for running the company and maintaining the goal of satisfying all of our clients' demands for vehicle fleet management and the goal of providing quality service at the highest possible level thanks to our professional and active approach and care.

Since its establishment, our company has gained the reputation as a top provider of full-service operating lease with services individually tailored to each client's needs. The quality of our services is primarily based on fixed payments throughout the lease duration and on providing our clients with full mobility both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

With our fleet of more than 4,000 vehicles, we specialise in providing a wide array of products relating to fleet management and operation. Our clients include not only numerous major transnational corporations, operating in IT, manufacture, pharmaceuticals, logistics and services, but also a number of well-known local firms.

Our goal is to satisfy all of our clients' demands for vehicle fleet management as well as to provide professional service at the highest possible level thanks to our professional and active approach. With our focus on small as well as large customers and our specialisation in the purchasing, financing, management and maintenance of a large number of vehicles, we are able to achieve significant savings. These savings are reflected in our very competitive rates. Our personal approach and close cooperation with our clients enable us to maintain a very high level of their satisfaction.

We look forward to being allowed to offer our services also to you soon.